do you use pre-printed templates or do you create client-specific templates?

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I don't use templates a lot, but when I do, I generally create client-specific ones. How about you?

All our templates are client specific.

we have pre-built templates for small group break-outs and then all the reporting is done through the template.  This way the you can get multiple groups to self facilitate a coupla questions.

I typically start with generic template formulas in my head, and then customize those for client projects.

Hi Anne,

I do not use pre-printed templates.  Everything I do is client-specific.  How about you?


Hi Anne

Like the others, I tend to have some general templates (in my head) that I customise for the event and others that are just used the once because of the specific nature of the task/ workshop.

Even though all the groups I work with are in the environment field... I can be doing a relationship alliance workshop one day and the next week it's on nutrient trading!! No two things look that similar because of the content.

Michelle :-)

Client-specific templates, especially after a chat to find out the kinds of metaphors they love using.  My fav so far is the soccer theme one that my client wanted to use to emphasize team aspirations. :)

I do both. Rather start with the white board (blank) if it is the whole day workshop.
Some template may use for the case that I have to run the half day workshop with lots of content.

I power of BLANK paper encourage participants that the whole pic came from them.

Brenda, I love your football theme.

Thanks, Panit! :)

Just wanted to offer a bit more on this topic. I ran a webinar early this year on 'Templates as a strategy for meeting design' with a group who are interested in building their visual and graphics practice. We used the attached graphic as a starting point for our discussions... Would welcome others thoughts on this.


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