New resource for learning about graphic facilitation/recording, my new book!

Hello All,

Whether you're learning or teaching or just plain ol' doing the work, I hope you'll add my new book to your list of resources. It's The Graphic Facilitator's Guide: how to use you listening, thinking and drawing skills to make meaning.

The book described the 3 Powers of Graphic Facilitation (see sample chapter here) and 25 Principles around how to do the work. 300 pages full of drawings and stories to help you guide yourself through our complex and fascinating work.

I hope you'll check it out! Visit for more info.

I welcome questions and feedback!

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What a shame,that there's been no response on your post since monday.
I'm not so sure, if the forum on this site is really effective. I always see posts like yours with little or no answers. That's disappointing for the authors. I do not believe, that people are not interested in the topic- the simple question is, if the forum here is really needed as long as there are all these other social media places, where all of us are active.

I just wanted to drop that idea and send you BRANDY a big LIKE for your book. Can't wait until I hold my personal one in my hands.

:-) Guido

Hi Guido

You are right - theres is not much talk or comments in here. Neither on the FB page. 

Maybe that should be a topic in Pittsburg: "What is our need for online dialogue - and what online channel is best suited for it"?

Jens Ole :-)

Hi Brandy - just ordered your book - cant wait to read it. Always been a fan of your visual skills and smiling  face :-) So I guess your book is already part of my traveling library, when I'm on the road listening for images and drawing them for people. 

Guido, send Brandy a copy of your "Wished Button" or rather LOVE button as I call it!                                                                                                                               Maybe there's a way to have a link of updates sent to forum members inbox (unless there is one and I don't see it?) I am not on forum everyday unless I see a link for update or posting an update!                                                                                                                                                      I Is it possible that not all members have seen/read a copy and are waiting?  I am looking forward to getting my copy and having a good read-through! Congrats Brandy!

Hi  Brandy,

Did you get your books?  I'm of course eagerly awaiting mine!



Hello All. Guido and Jens Ole, I appreciate what you're saying about the murmur of conversation on this platform. Feels like Facebook took root as the place where the most people are posting + happy to see conversation on the IFVP listserv. For years, the IFVP listserv was 1 person posting and the 3 people asking to be taken off the list because there were too many emails. *shrug* So very happy to see listserv working + happy to have many discussion going on across platforms - even if it's hard to keep track of it.

Roberta, I got the books Monday and was able to ship out half the orders Monday. Yours is in the remaining half that goes out in Saturday's mail. I am so sorry for the wait. I will be as happy to have these shipped out as you will be to get your copy! Thank you for your patience.

Guido, I'm curious about the "Wished Button" Leslie-Ann mentions...

Hi Brandy,

it was a Love-Button - not a wished Button.

:-) Guido

I <3 it!

Love this! I will definately get a copy.

I am a new practitioner and keep asking --"where is the book? "

Now I know and can read it.

Thank you, Katherine. I hope you get a ton from it. I am very happy to have created something that fills a need.


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