Dear Members,

Today the IFVP Board met virtually for our February meeting. On this month's agenda was the potential location of our 2013 annual conference. 

Feedback from Hawaii suggests that many of you are already thinking and asking about where our next conference will be after Pittsburgh.

On behalf of the IFVP Board I would like to start the debate right here and seek your opinions. This is your chance to offer your suggestion on this discussion thread.

When making your suggestions please do consider that 1) the location should reflect the truly international profile of the IFVP and 2) it should be in a location that is easily accessible for an international membership to attend and 3) if you vote for a location where you are based you may be asked to help to organise it :-)

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,


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Hi Tom,

My #1 suggestion is New York. It is a fabulous city for visiting, meetings and everything in between. If we are able to snag a good price on a hotel site - then I am sure everyone would love NY.

2nd choice would be London,UK...after this summer's 2012 Olympics - there will still be a great buzz - shopping is great, weather is great & it will take our IFVP group "global" & outside of North America.

After this thought - I decided to Google "best cities for business meetings" - Canada's National paper - The Globe & mail has this article - shows great global places for meetings... see link here..

Check out this Globe and Mail article "The 10 best cities for business meetings - and blowing off steam" at
Best, L-A

NYC would be particularly good if we want to attract people from the design world like Ideo, Humantific, and others. Also folks from the UX world who are getting into hand made visual prototyping and such. Hotels can be expensive in NYC, but there are less expensive options like Brooklyn, Queens, and just across the Hudson in Hoboken or somewhere. Frequent ferries and mass transit into Manhattan. Of course, Manhattan is fun! 

I'd love Amsterdam---good international flights and accessible from France, Germany, Scandinavia, and the UK.

My passport's itchin' for a new stamp!  (And if we hold the 2013 IFVP conference outside of the U.S. it will give me an opportunity to say "Thank You" in a whole new language!

London would be lovely...

Amsterdam would be amazing...

Sao Paulo would be sensational...

Prague or Paris would be perfection...

So many places we could go!  I wonder where the organizing energy is gathering?


I would love New Orleans or Nashville!

Hi Tom,

for travellers outside the US (12% of the last conference?) it is great if the destination is more than a good conference venue. It helps to justify the cost and time out of work taken on the trip.  It also helps if it is a transport hub for those of us who might make it into a bigger trip to make the most of the long haul.  And, it is good to stay central at the destination for the same reasons.

Outside the US, it might be time to go to Europe?  There are a lot of practitioners there and it might be a good way to attract more members.  My pick in Europe is Berlin, so much art focused activity there, a fun place and a transport hub.

Within the US, New York certainly appeals.


Bec- Australia.

Hi Tom

I'm glad you have started this conversation.

I would support the conference in Berlin.  I believe there is a strong European contingent that we could attract that may not have made it to the US based conferences in the past.

My second offering would be Shanghai.  It's a little outside the box.....I am living here at the moment, and find that it is a relatively cost effective place to host an event with a plethora of great hotels/venues.  If we are willing to be slightly outside the main city, the cost drops even more.

My two bobs worth!



New York is a fantastic place for pretty much anything! But I agree that it's time to start reflecting the international profile of IFVP, so I'd vote for moving it out of the US in 2013. And it seems like the most reasonable place to go would be somewhere in Europe, since there is a growing group of practitioners there, it's a good halfway place between North/South America and Asia/Oceania, and there are often good deals on airfare to European cities. Which city? I don't have a strong preference. Let's keep the conversation going! 

I would also love a NYC conference if we stay stateside. If we go to Europe, I'd vote for a continental hub city destination like Amsterdam (fabulous!) or Berlin (rockin'!). 

Hi Tom,

I'd like to share my thoughts in this case. I would say a european Conference would need more time than just one year - so IFVP wants to go to Europe I would suggest to have that in 2014. That time is needed to find a perfect location and  to have a perfect preparation. 

So I would suggest a place in North America for next year. From the places I know I love Vancouver and Seattle. But NY would be great too - although I've never been there. Would be a chance to do so.

Best wishes


Thanks Guido for your input. I agree, setting up a conference is a BIG job. I guess it will partly be a question of whether we have a team who are able and ready enough to go for it.

Let's float that question, then!  Who's up for planning the IFVP 2013 conference?  :^D


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