I think the geographic directory should be more region specific.  Using the United States as one  region seems much too broad.  If someone wants to find someone is a particular area of the US they have to go through the whole membership list.  The old website was more efficient in this regard breaking down the US to the Northeast or the West Coast, etc. 

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Agreed. I wish there was a zip code search for our clients.

I believe that this is possible - but I also believe, that the main problem is the size of the map. The actual "mainframe" of the website is quite small - or the other way round - the sidebar is too big. So the world map is quite small. But in general - this is just an image map - and you can have as many links on that as you like. But let's hear what Peter says. 

:-) Guido

All IFVP-members from the US,

maybe a map like this would work for you. I posted a rough version on my website. Here is the link:


Only state with strange results is Oregon - maybe because OR is also something in the computers language.

Please let me know, what you think.

:-) Guido

This is great!!!! Even perfectly hand drawn! Hooray Guido!

Love this, thank you Guido. Not sure why, but Sweden does not seem to be an active link either (I am in Malmö).  Definitely great resource, that I look forward to using. Cheers!

Hi Heidi,

Sweden is not active because that was just a "showcase". But hopefully it will become real. I'm waiting for further information from the webteam.

Hi Guido,

Aah thanks for the clarification.  And THANK you for your great work putting this geographical directory together!


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